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What's SpeakerFlow University? 🤔

We’ve been working with experts (including professional speakers, coaches, and consultants) for over a decade. From business development to marketing to software implementation, we’ve seen and heard firsthand the need for systems, strategy, and a greater ability to leverage technology.

That said, these problems aren’t due to a lack of effort. In fact, the biggest obstacles to solving them are – more often than not – the amount of noise in the industry and the sheer amount of time required to research, implement and optimize the myriad of tools and systems available.

With these challenges and goals in mind, SpeakerFlow University is dedicated to helping experts solve these problems and build better, more efficient businesses. Through courses, content, and group coaching, our students master everything they need to grow their businesses month over month. That way, they can waste less time, energy, and money and focus more on doing what they love.

How Does It Work?

Within SpeakerFlow University, there are a variety of groups, courses, and topics related to various aspects of running an expert business. As a paid member of SFU, you have access to all groups, all content, and nearly all of our courses. Continue reading to learn more about each of these sections and what you can gain by participating in each one. 👇 


The first segment of SpeakerFlow University is “Groups.” Within SFU, there are two permanent groups – one for Technology and one for Strategy – as well as an ever-evolving “challenge” group that changes from quarter to quarter. 

Technology Group

Exclusive to group coaching members, the Technology Group focuses on the technical components of running a business. In this group, participants discuss questions, challenges, and insights related to customer relationship management systems, email marketing software, and automation (among other tools). Essentially, this group provides tech-oriented guidance and troubleshooting, so all members can build reliable systems that work together to help them scale. With one meeting per week, sessions for this group take place on Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00 pm EST. 

Strategy Group

Also exclusive to group coaching members, the Strategy Group focuses on the intangible components of running a business to ensure that all strategies – sales, marketing, and operations – in their speaking business are working towards the same goal(s) and are mindful of industry trends. These include subjects like building a predictable sales process, updating your brand messaging, and making your site visible in Google searches (i.e. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO). Meeting once weekly, sessions for this group take place on Thursdays from 4:00-5:00 pm EST.

Challenge Groups

Last but not least are Challenge Groups. Created at the beginning of each quarter, these groups focus on specific problems or processes in order to hold group coaching members accountable and provide support as members work towards their quarterly goals. Unlike in the Technology and Strategy groups, participation in Challenge Groups – like our Watertight Sales Challenge or Holistic Sales Challenge – does not involve virtual meetings. Instead, members use daily posts to “check in” and demonstrate their progress. To find out more about how these challenges integrate with the Technology and Strategy Groups to ensure each members’ professional growth, just contact a member of our team. 


The second segment of SpeakerFlow University is “Courses.” Currently, SFU offers a number of courses, the majority of which are free for members of the group coaching program. We also offer a handful of courses built in partnership with other experts in the speaking industry. That way, even if we’re not experts in a given topic (like stagecraft, for example), you can learn from those who are without having to leave the network. A few of our most popular courses are listed below. 

Home Studio Course

Created with leading video production company Video Narrative, this course is all about building a virtual studio in your home. In it, participants learn the ins and outs of setting up a virtual training space and what common mistakes to avoid in order to deliver the same impact from your home office as you do on stage. This course is available for $197 and is one of the few not included in SFU membership.

SpeakerFlow Intel Engine Mastery Course

As the name suggests, this course focuses on the SpeakerFlow Intel Engine. In it, participants learn how to use the Intel Engine to find speaking opportunities, contact information for event organizers, and competitor research, among other things. This course is available for all Intel Engine users free of charge so you can make the most of your subscription if you haven’t already.

SpeakerFlow CRM Mastery Course

Similarly to the Intel Engine Course, the SpeakerFlow CRM Course centers around maximizing our CRM. In this course, participants learn the various stages of customer relationship management including how to configure the CRM to meet the needs of your business, how to integrate it with other apps you already use, and how to use it to streamline your sales process and keep you organized. This course is free for all SpeakerFlow CRM users. 

eSpeakers Micro-Course

Created with the help of the eSpeakers team, this quick-and-easy course is about eSpeakers’ event management platform, EventCX. In it, participants learn the difference between customer relationship and event management as well as how the two platforms – specifically, SpeakerFlow CRM and EventCX – can be used hand-in-hand to create a seamless experience for you and your clients. This course is exclusive to members of our group coaching program. 


Finally, the third segment of SpeakerFlow University is “Topics” or, in other words, our library of exclusive content. Each week, we share content on a variety of topics including sales, marketing, operations, speaking industry news and trends, and the basics of professional speaking. SFU members also receive advanced access to each new episode of our podcast, Technically Speaking, on Thursdays each week. All of this content is available to free and paid members of the University. So, even if you’re not ready to dive into group coaching yet, you can still start with content for no charge. 


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Here's the Deal

  • Buffet-Style Coaching - Up to 2 Times Per Week
  • Custom Login for Access to Exclusive Content and Group Conversations
  • A Community of Like-Minded Speakers Working on Growing Their Businesses
  • Group Accountability and Support
  • Incredible Masterminding & Life-Long Relationships
  • Full Spectrum Business Coaching

By The End You'll Have

  • A Proven Business Process To Help You Scale AND Hit Your Goals
  • A Prospecting Process That Isn't A Giant Time Suck
  • A Sales Process You Can Rely On
  • Technology That's No Longer a Stranded Asset
  • Email Templates, Automated Workflows, and A Complete Business Software Ecosystem
  • A Better, More Sustainable Business That Fits Your Goals

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