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Soooo, What's SpeakerFlow University? 🤔

We’ve been working with professional speakers for over a decade, from business development to marketing and software, so we’ve seen and heard firsthand the need for systems, strategy, and a greater ability to leverage tech in the industry.

And really it’s not due to a lack of effort. The problem is that there's a ton of noise and it takes time, and usually a lot of it, to research, implement and optimize the myriad of tools and systems that are available.

SpeakerFlow University is dedicated to helping speakers solve these problems with multiple tracks ranging from sales to marketing and operations. Our students learn and master everything they need to grow a successful speaking business. 

How Does It Work?

Within SpeakerFlow University, there are a variety of tracks, courses, topics, and other sub-groups of our coursework.

Each of our tracks have groups associated to them so you can focus on the content most applicable to you. Groups are a place for you to interact with other students and engage with us for guidance, sharing ideas, or asking questions.

On top of all of the content, we have four tracks that you can participate in. This is where group coaching and mastery happens. Each week, you can participate in up to two meetings including things like... 👇

SpeakerFlow CRM Track

This track is specifically designed for all of our CRM users. The SpeakerFlow CRM track will encompass not only the CRM but the entire operating system it’s built on - Zoho One.
 Here are some things we'll be covering:

Turn Your Cadence Into An Automated Workflow

The whole point of a CRM is to make sales easier. We'll help you get your cadence into an automated workflow so it can do the selling for you.

Make Your Sales Process Predictable

We're all about predictable revenue at SpeakerFlow so you bet we're going to teach you the method to the madness that'll help you scale your business.

Learn How To Automate Anything

We'll teach you the ins and outs of automating within the CRM and outside of the CRM. You'll be able to automatically generate contracts, follow ups, and more.

Sales Track

Our sales track is dedicated to all things revenue generation. This is all about the finesse and technique of selling. Here's a breakdown of some of what's covered:

Communicate Your Value Confidently and Clearly

Although you know your value, you need to be able to clearly communicate it to the people you want to do business with. We'll help you get there.

Put Lead Generation on Rapid Fire

Let's face it - prospecting sucks. But it doesn't have to. We'll teach you how to prospect effectively and how to find gigs that pay.

Develop a Bulletproof Sales Cadence

We'll help you develop a process you can prioritize for following up with leads and opportunities consistently across all of the best channels.

Marketing Track

Marketing is the vehicle that alleviates the pressure of sales, broadens your client’s awareness of who you are and how you serve them, and establishes you as the go-to expert in your field.
 Curious about what we'll discuss? Check it out:

Blog and Video Content Strategy

Believe it or not, content isn't dead. Learning how to create content that actually generates traffic is a structured process and we'll teach it to you!

Turn Your Website Into a Converting Machine

We've spent years optimizing sites for conversions. Learn how to make your site a converting machine and make the most out of your traffic.

Automatic Lead Nurturing and Follow Up

Learn how to build a funnel that creates a hand-off between marketing and sales. Understand how to nurture your inbound leads to convert into a sale.

Operations Track

Throughout this track, you’ll gain an ability to have a firm grip and understanding of your business, it's numbers, and how you can run it more efficiently and effectively.
 This track includes:

SpeakerFlow Business Framework

Learn and implement the SpeakerFlow business framework that'll help you set and manage goals and scale with you as you grow.

Master Your Work Management

There's a lot to do as a business owner and it's often hard to keep track of everything that you and your team are doing. No longer, we say!

Set and Measure Your Goals

Goals are one thing, measuring them is different. We'll help you gain clarity around goal setting and how you can know whether or not you're winning.


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Here's the Deal

  • Buffet-Style Coaching - Up to 2 Times Per Week
  • Custom Login for Access to Exclusive Content and Group Conversations
  • A Community of Like-Minded Speakers Working on Growing Their Businesses
  • Group Accountability and Support
  • Incredible Masterminding & Life-Long Relationships
  • Full Spectrum Business Coaching

By The End You'll Have

  • A Proven Business Process To Help You Scale AND Hit Your Goals
  • A Prospecting Process That Isn't A Giant Time Suck
  • A Sales Process You Can Rely On
  • Technology That's No Longer a Stranded Asset
  • Email Templates, Automated Workflows, and A Complete Business Software Ecosystem
  • A Better, More Sustainable Business That Fits Your Goals

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