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What's SpeakerFlow University? 🤔

We’ve been working with experts (including professional speakers, coaches, and consultants) for over a decade. From business development to marketing to software implementation, we’ve seen and heard firsthand the need for systems, strategy, and a greater ability to leverage technology.

That said, these problems aren’t due to a lack of effort. In fact, the biggest obstacles to solving them are – more often than not – the amount of noise in the industry and the sheer amount of time required to research, implement and optimize the myriad of tools and systems available.

With these challenges and goals in mind, SpeakerFlow University is dedicated to helping experts solve these problems and build better, more efficient businesses. Through courses, content, and coaching, our students master everything they need to grow their businesses month over month. That way, they can waste less time, energy, and money and focus more on doing what they love. 💪

How Does It Work?

Within SpeakerFlow University, there are a variety of groups, courses, and topics related to various aspects of running an expert business. 

If you're not a SpeakerFlow client...

Access to the main SFU network is completely free, and you can engage with thousands of other experts, learning how to leverage systems in their businesses. 

In this network, we also share regularly share content on a variety of topics including sales, marketing, operations, speaking industry news and trends, and the basics of professional speaking. SFU members also receive advanced access to each new episode of our podcast, Technically Speaking, on Thursdays each week. 🎙

All of this content is available for free. So, even if you’re not ready to dive into our Accelerator coaching program yet, you can still start building your business with the support of our team and content, completely free of charge.

TL, DR: 

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✅  Access to the main network and exclusive content (much of which isn't even on our website!)

✅  Early access to new episodes of SpeakerFlow's podcast, Technically Speaking

✅  Chat functionality with other SFU members and members of the SpeakerFlow team

If you are a SpeakerFlow client...

If you've purchased our operating system or are a member of our Accelerator coaching program, you'll have more extensive access to the network including different member groups and Mastery Courses for our operating system. 

Like unpaid SFU members, you'll have access to our sales, marketing, operations, speaking industry, speaking basics, and podcast content. However, you'll also have access to exclusive, coaching member-only content, resources, and exercises.

In short, you don't have to be an existing client of ours to join SFU, but there are some undeniable perks if you are. 🤷‍♀️

TL, DR: 

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✅  Access to the main network and exclusive content, including early access to new Technically Speaking episodes

✅  Chat functionality with other SFU members and members of the SpeakerFlow team

✅  Resources and workbook-style exercises to help you work through various challenges in your business (building a value proposition, for example)

✅  Mastery courses for SpeakerFlow's operating system including the CRM and more than a dozen complementary applications

Assistance & Accountability, All In One Place

In addition to loads of content, we also check in with SFU members each week to discuss everyone's successes, challenges, and any questions from the previous week. 

SFU members are also encouraged to share their goals, how they're working towards them, and what roadblocks they've hit along the way. That way, members don't just have access to the resources of our team (although we'll always be there, too! 🙌 ). 

They also have the support of a community of thought leaders who know where they've been and can share resources and insights from their own experiences. Win, win! 🎉

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